Electrically Operated Garage Doors

A roller shutter garage door provides a practical and space saving solution whilst making your home look modern, neat and secure. It requires minimal space to operate and can be fitted behind, in between or in front of the opening.

The roller shutter’s vertical opening means that you are able to optimise the length of your garage and driveway, as well as allowing you to park right up to the door with no obstructions when it is in operation. The opening mechanism also means you can safely park tall vehicles, like 4x4’s, close to the door without obstructing the opening and closing of the door. All this access with the click of a button.

Most roller shutter doors are made to order, and can therefore be ordered to your exact specifications, whatever the size. There is also an almost limitless choice of pre-finished colours and woodgrain effects, allowing you to discover the most ideal roller shutter door that is suited to you and your property.

Sectional Garage Doors are rapidly growing as one of the most popular choices of garage door in the UK. Their strength, safety and security are just some of the many benefits that justify this popularity. They are known as ‘Sectional’ doors due to their construction, being made of separate sections which open vertically. This means that Sectional doors can be installed on almost every door shape (rounded, arched etc.).

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